A movie clip for Adam MacDonald’s Backcountry has been released by Telefilm Canada. This film was shot in bear country in the fall of 2013. And, the film stars Missy Peregrym, Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell. Backcountry might be released as earlier as this year, through Telefilm Canada. Distribution in the United States is still forthcoming. A preview for the film is hosted here.

The extended clip shows characters Jenn (Peregrym) and Alex (Jeff Roop). They are trapped in a tent as a black bear roams their campsite. Then, this large beast sees the couple as a possible breakfast. A confrontation looms between man and beast, on the Blackfoot Trail.

Backcountry is loosely based on some of the experiences and research conducted by MacDonald. Macdonald encountered a bear on one of his hiking trips and this experience led to the creation of the script. Now, the film is complete and thriller film fans can see more of the film below.

Release Date: TBA.

Director/writer: Adam MacDonald.

Cast: Missy Peregrym, Eric Balfour and Nicholas Campbell.


I just found a really nice interview Missy recently did on the George Stromboulopoulos Show (hope I spelt that right) She talks about growing up, and that first kiss.

On Tuesday, June 15 2014, Paul Lee, president of ABC Entertainment, announced during the Television Critics Association summer press tour that the network is preparing to let the hit Canadian show go, as per Montreal Gazette.

This comes as a surprise as the Canadian television show has been consistently performing well in the ratings every summer. However, at this point, Lee is talking about how they can finish it for now and says that it isn’t up to them —  it is all up to the production company that produces the show. However, the show’s executive producer and show runner, Tassie Cameron, could not be reached for a statement or comment about the situation.

According to Metronews, a representative from Shaw Media, one of the production companies that produces the show, said that there has been no final decision whether or not they will be producing more than the twenty-two episodes that have been ordered. Eleven episodes out of twenty-two are currently running this season, leaving another eleven episodes left to air in the summer of 2015.

“Rookie Blue,” the Canadian police drama, is about a set of rookie cops and their lives as they serve in the 15 Division. The show — starring Missy Peregrym as Andy McNally, Gregory Smith as Dov Epstein, Charlotte Sullivan as Gail Peck, Enuka Okuma as Traci Nash, Travis Milne as Chris Diaz — is one of the few Canadian shows that have been well received in the United States. The series is currently in its fifth season and has seen the growth of its rookies into full-fledged officers and detectives.

After their deal with ABC is up, it is uncertain whether Global TV will still opt to continue the show, as they have not offered any comments or statements regarding the matter. However, granted that the show has a large fan base, especially in Canada, there might be a possibility that the show will still keep running even without ABC. This has been done before, as seen with television shows such as “Flashpoint” and “Saving Hope.”


A Canadian action short film starring Missy Peregrym and Peter Mooney of “Rookie Blue” fame is headed to Comic-Con.

“The Proposal,” which features Peregrym and Mooney literally kicking each other’s butts on a first date, will be screened at the annual comic book blowout this Thursday in San Diego.

“It’s absolutely incredible,” said director Geordie Sabbagh in a phone interview. “For an action film, (Comic-Con) is kind of the pinnacle. It’s very exciting, especially among the Hollywood movies and TV shows that are being screened there.”

Peregrym and Mooney, who play star-crossed lovers in Global’s “Rookie Blue,” appear in “The Proposal” as Sara and Jack, who meet for the first time on a blind date. But instead of getting to know each other in the usual fashion, the pair test their romantic connection through gunfights and hand-to-hand combat.

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Warning: If you have yet to watch Thursday’s Rookie Blue, avert your eyes. Everyone else, read on…

Thursday’s Rookie Blue saw Andy and Sam clear a huge obstacle, as the detective finally shared his troubled history with his father and set the couple on a path toward newfound closeness.

“She needed to see him actually let her in, in a real way,” star Missy Peregrym tells TVLine. “And because he did that, she was willing to try, willing to put herself in the position to be vulnerable with him.”

Now that Andy’s seen her boyfriend’s softer side, is the pair all in for the long haul — with no hope for Ghosts of Exes Past?

For both characters, the focus “isn’t about anybody else,” Peregrym argues. “It really isn’t. It’s about how they can work together to be the best that they can be.” And yet, in figuring that out, they’ll have to tackle some “pretty huge” challenges before the season’s over.

TVLINE | Sam really opened up to Andy in a big way about his past in this episode. How does this change their relationship going forward?
It had to come to this point where we needed to make a change. Otherwise, there was no point in getting back together. As nice as it is — “Sam and Andy are together, and it’s awesome!” — unless we’re wiling to be vulnerable with each other and open up, we can’t actually move forward. So I was really excited to do this scene. I was happy that we were going there.

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